Cole McCormick

About Me

I am currently a senior at Decatur High School. I am captain of the Varsity Cross Country team and vice-president of the Decatur High TSA chapter. In my free time I attend flight school and work towards gaining my pilots license. 

After learning of the CEO program and the hands on experience it provides I decided that the skills and experiences it would provide would be invaluable for any future career I choose.

I plan to study Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University after graduation.






DISC Characteristics

  • Very modest in dealing with others. Prefers time to evaluate options. Seeks work environment that is not too pressured or filled with constant change.
  • Like a balance of working alone and on teams. You like to support and work with others.
  • High degree of self control. Work steadily toward completion of tasks. You believe rules exist for a reason. Steadfast and dependable.
  • Can be skeptical of new ideas or fads until proven. Excellent critical thinker and problem solver. Resistant to change.