About Us

About Decatur Morgan CEO

Decatur Morgan CEO is an entrepreneurship program where nine students from four high schools across Morgan County are using class time to start real companies. This program was started in 2009 by the Midland Institute in Illinois and has grown to hundreds of high schools in several states. Our program is the first to be established in Alabama. The students meet every day for 1.5 hours to plan their businesses, visit Morgan County businesses, and listen to dozens of business leaders who come to the class to speak on business and entrepreneurship related topics.

In the fall, the students start a group business, including determining what business they want to start, finding the funding, and organizing and running the business profitably. In the spring semester, the students each have to get their own individual business up and running and work on bringing their product or service to market. There will be a tradeshow at the end of the year where students will have booths marketing their businesses.