Stephen Ross

About Me

My name is Stephen Ross and I looked forward to the CEO program because I saw this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. An opportunity to learn from seasoned Business Owners: their successes and failures, their motivations and inspirations. I felt that this program would inspire, guide, and shape my entrepreneurial spirit and help pave my way to building a successful entrepreneurial career. This program has done just that and so much more. I have heard and learned from some of the most influential business leaders of North Alabama and gotten many a chance to witness their operations in action. Though this has been a large time commitment and required much more work than I originally anticipated, I wouldn't trade my time for anything. 

Through careful attention to and application of the practices I have learned through this Program I am blessed to have begun an operation of my own. Ross Virtual Solutions is a 3D and 360 degree Virtual Tours company focused on providing only the highest quality Virtual Tours to our clients. No matter the situation: Commercial or Residential Real Estate, Small Businesses, Vacation Rentals, Large Manufacturing Facilities, even Boats and Cars; Ross Virtual Solutions can help immerse your audience in ways only imaginable before. When pictures are not enough, find Your Solution at Ross Virtual Solutions.

I am currently a senior at Decatur Heritage Christian Academy and I enjoy volunteering with the Key Club, being a Decatur Heritage Ambassador, and participating as a member of the National Honors Society. However, when I am not at school or work, I enjoy downtime with my friends and family. I am also involved in my church; serving in both the children's ministry and on the production team.

My plan after high school is to major in Investment Banking in College, and one day own a successful business. I have always desired to lead and run a successful operation.







DISC Characteristics

  • Prefers an environment of mutual authority and responsibility. Tends to be thorough and complete in analyzing before making decisions.
  • Effective coach or counselor. Enjoys people contact. Generous in helping others. Poised. Appreciations an open door policy with peers and supervisors.
  • Prefers consistency, dependability and structure. Very predictable, in a good way. Always ready to pitch in. Excellent listener.
  • Persistent in trying to get your message across, even in the midst of resistence. Rules are guidelines, not concrete.