Marcus Abrams

About Me

Marcus attends Austin High School. This year he plays the 4th marching bass drum in the Austin High Band. He has been apart of band since he attended Brookhaven Middle School. Marcus also scored 2nd place in a state-wide robotics test during 8th grade. In his free time he enjoys playing video games,creating his own music using band equipment and helping others.

After graduation, he plans to attend Alabama A&M and will major in Environmental Science

He believes that the skills that he will learn through the CEO program will help him in the future and making a lot of opportunities available for him. He is particularly excited to develop his leadership skills and to meet new people through this program.    






DISC Characteristics

  • Prefers to analyze problems and evaluate solutions. Avoids confrontations. Takes a slower, more methodical approach.
  • Naturally optomistic. Does not deal well with dictatorial relationships. Can be an effective coach
  • Not good at letting things go. Desires a high level of structure. Always willing to help.
  • Feels it is important to adhere to specific and detailed instructions. Expresses resistance when disagrees.