Chris Sanchez

About Me

My name is Christopher Sanchez and I live on a farm in Falkville, Alabama. My family has lived here for 23 years and gave birth to me on February 16, 2002. My dad has always been an entrepreneur, he has always looked for ways to make more money. 

The idea of making epoxy river tables came from my dad when I asked him what we could make to make a business out of. He has experience in creating tables and I have helped create many also. We have never used epoxy before so we plan to try and make something out of it. There has always been a demand for these kind of tables and I want to take advantage of it, and make something out of it. 






DISC Characteristics

  • Tends to be very decisive about problems, options, and new directions to take. Prefers to be in control. Adapts quickly and easily
  • Logical and rational. Somewhat reserved and quiet in new groups. Tends to be factual in approach to business issues.
  • High sense of loyalty. Resistant to change. High degree of follow through. Prefers a work environment with little hostility.
  • Excellent critical thinking and problem solving ability. Believes in maintaining high standards of quality control.