Petra Beaver

About Me

Petra is currently a senior at Austin High School.  After graduation she  would like to study business so when she heard about the CEO Program she knew I needed to be apart of it!  According to Petra "The best way to learn is by being able to experience it and that's what this program does"

During her years at Austin she has been involved in the Marching and Symphonic band and Women and Chamber Choir. She has also been apart of the DARC Robotics team and currently holds a leadership position within the team.  Petra is also a part of Mu Alpha Theta, National English Honor Society, and Tri-M, Music Honor Society. She works at Applebee's as a host and Point Mallard Park as a cashier. 

"I am not certain which part of business I would like to study,  but I know by being a part of this program I will be able to learn different aspects and earn a head start" says Petra.






DISC Characteristics

  • Prefers to lead by example. Prefers to "do", not delegate. May hesitate to share opinions on divisive topics.
  • Works best when able to interact with others. Prefers flexible environment that allows for creativity. People find you charming.
  • Requires time to adjust to change. Predictable, in a good way. Always ready to pitch in. Excellent listener.
  • Prefers precision, accuracy and detail. Approaches new ideas and change cautiously and carefully.