Jesus Martinez

About Me

My name is Jesus Martinez Diaz. I am a senior at Brewer High School. I first got into business when I was 15. I am of the mind set that to be able to gain something you must be willing to give something in return. In other words you must be willing to sacrifice what others are not willing to sacrifice to gain what others cannot have. 

My first action as an entrepreneur was when I stopped by a 7-Eleven and bought a pack of gum. I was about to take out a piece of gum in class when someone asked me for a piece. I thought to myself that I did not want to seem like the bad guy so maybe If I ask for a dollar he will not ask for gum. He gave me a dollar.  At that moment I felt like a new person with so much potential. Ever since I have done different investments; some turned out successful and some not so much. I like to talk with smart folks because I could learn something new and useful from them.

            I joined the CEO program because I saw a good opportunity to meet new people and ask them about their businesses and experiences they’ve had in their past so that when I find myself in a similar situation I will know how to counter the situation. I have also seen it as an opportunity to further expand my knowledge about sales, business, and learn how to communicate in a corporate way to others.






DISC Characteristics

  • Always interested in new approaches and new ways of doing things.
  • Charming to meet and to converse with; Prefers democratic not dictatorial relationships
  • Consistent and predictable; tends to be a calming influence
  • Flexible enough to work with or without a lot of structure;